Division Meetup Recap

September 10, 2016

Another great meetup started with an amazing presentation by David and Sam Nicastro. They are on a quest to find some good looking and easy ways to simulate rust on their layout and rolling stock. So far they've tested over 70 (yes, seventy!) different methods, styles and colors and today they shared their findings with us.
Nicastros on Rust
Nicastros on Rust

They did point out that different products were useful in different situations. One tip they had was to create an index card for each product that they could keep and reference later (maybe even years later) to easily find the right color and texture for whatever project they were working on.

They didn't do any special prep before weathering. David said he would probably wash and dry (with alcohol) models he was prepping for a contest, though.

So what were the results? Well, in general, they didn't like chalk pastels. They did like pan pastels, though - they thought that they made it easy to get a lot of variation without manually creating it. For realism on actual metals, they couldn't beat chemical baths, but they were tricky to get right and somewhat dangerous to use. The best option they found was to make and use real rust from steel wool and vinegar.

The full list of results and a handout version of their slide deck has been posted in the forum. Check it out!

In these pictures, you can see the progression of how realistic the trailer looks with different techniques:
Nicastros on Rust    Nicastros on Rust
Nicastros on Rust    Nicastros on Rust
From left to right, top to bottom: The first picture is how the trailer came. The second picture shows the trailer after an application of dullcote (hard to see in the picture, but it was less glossy). In the third picture, David and Sam have applied a thin black wash to make the trailer a little "dirty." Finally, you can see in the fourth picture the results they got from using a combination of their real rust wash and Bragdon's Weathering System (with a few different shades of rust). The Bragdon's powder self-adheres to non-glossy surfaces (including David's workbench).

After the Nicastros' presentation, we moved on to Show and Tell. Dave Shannon brought his polyglycol plant that's in progress: Dave Shannon's Polyglycol Plant

Jerry Wilson is working on a turn-of-the-century building for his layout. You can see the prototype in the accompanying picture:
Jerry Wilson's Turn-of-the-Century Building

Mike Barrett brought a couple items to show. He is coordinating the door prizes (and maybe a raffle!) at the upcoming Division NMRA Meet. He thought it would be a great idea to include post cards with each item so that the folks who win can let our great sponsors know we really appreciated their donations:
Thank You Cards
He's also continuing to build his home layout, and wanted to find a way to have shelves for things like throttles and paperwork without taking up aisle space. He eventually ended up repurposing some simple desk keyboard trays:
Mike Barrett's Layout Shelf

Finally, Van Henry and Chuck Ellis are selling an N-Scale layout. This is a pretty nice 10'x15' layout that could easily be expanded into a much larger layout. There is a module with a very nice trestle and hundreds of cars and locomotives. The layout uses Tortoise switch machines, nice control panels and Digitrax DCC. After Show and Tell we had Show and Sell with a lot of the items from the layout. There's still a good amount left (including the layout itself - pictures posted in the forum) so contact Van and Chuck if you're interested; otherwise, it'll be going up on eBay eventually.
N Scale Show and Sell

After Show and Tell/Sell, we had our usual "Questions and Answers" session. Steve Tomchek asked for some help with his new layout, as he was having some problems getting his switches installed and operating correctly.

After the break, we had a short business update. George Zapalac talked about the new club, and their visit to SAMRA a couple weeks ago. The folks at SAMRA were really helpful and shared a lot of information that will help the club get going with eyes wide open. (And afterwards, they got to participate in a really great operating session!) Also in club news, Frank Glatzl, who recently decided to dismantle his layout, will be donating his benchwork to the club (thanks, Frank!)

The next club organizational meeting is Saturday October 1 at the Rec Center (where our division meetings are held).

Peter Kazmir also reminded everyone that the Temple Train Show was coming up September 17-18, and that the Meet is coming up October 22. The team has found six great clinics and a few operating sessions for the Meet, so we're looking forward to it.

Peter also shared that we have been asked to consider hosting the LSR convention again in 2018 or 2019. We have not yet committed to hosting; Peter wanted to see if there are enough people willing to join the committee before saying yes. If you're willing to help out - and it doesn't require a large time commitment - please contact Peter and let him know. Thanks!

We ended with our usual Deal or Duds drawing, sponsored by the great folks at King's Hobby in Austin.

After the meeting, we toured Steve Jackobs' HO scale and Mark Richert's O scale layouts in South Austin (see below).

Our next regular meeting is planned for November 12, 2016 (but before that, don't forget the Division Meet on October 22!) Hope to see you there!

Click here for photos from Steve Jackobs' Austin & Taylor & Pacific Railroad
Click here for photos from Mark Richert's Railroads