November 22, 2014

Pictures from the Meeting

Clinic     Clinic
Steve Nelson's clinic on Modeling Trees
S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald
S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald
S.S. Edmund Fitzgeraldr     S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald
Bob Teal's and Dick Sowash's Great Lakes ore ship for Chuck Ellis' layout, the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald
Sam Nicastro's 0-4-0
Sam Nicastro's 0-4-0 - now painted and operational!
Jerry Wilson's LEDs
Jerry Wilson's LED tester - experimenting with current limiters in place of resistors

The layout tour for this meeting included three layouts west of Austin (click to view pictures):
•    Jack Merkel's Lone Star & Santa Fe
•    Van Henry's Pennsylvania Railroad
•    Tex Copsetta's Southern Pacific Shasta Route